PSSOL Gateway is a SaaS service that both ensures secure communication channels and manages account and device verification. Use of cloud services and applications is on the rise with the spread of remote work. We provide secure, worry-free remote access solutions that address advances in security requirements in our ever-changing world.

Shifts in Security Models

With the rising popularity of cloud services and spread of remote work, security requirements are growing more sophisticated by the day. Security these days cannot be maintained with conventional perimeter defense models for internal and external network environments.
Zero Trust security is making headlines in light of this situation. Zero Trust is a new security model that views all access as "untrustworthy" whether it comes from within or outside the network, subjecting it to verification and preventing threats to valuable information assets and systems.

Security using the Zero Trust model will become the standard in the near future!

PSSOL Gateway Service Overview

PSSOL Gateway is a SaaS service consisting of a set of "Appgate SDP" - a Cloud Security Alliance Software Defined Perimeter-compliant secure access framework solution by Appgate Inc. - and "Azure AD" - a cloud-based ID and access control service provided by Microsoft.

(1) Ensures a secure communication channel
PSSOL Gateway uses a security framework to secure communication channels.

(2) Account and device verification
・Account verification management is performed on a group basis with Microsoft Azure AD.
・Each device verification is confirmed via Appgate SDP.
*Compatible OS: Windows, macOS, and iOS


Step 1

Confirmation of device and communication channel information.

Step 2

Global IP system registration and gateway construction.

Step 3

Configuration of installers and settings files on devices.

Step 4

Begin usage.