With our "Vulnerability Diagnostic Service", we provide the knowledge to identify latent vulnerabilities and take countermeasures in customer's websites (OS, middleware, web applications, etc.) by executing various simulated attacks from the perspective of attackers. Customers can find the latent vulnerabilities in their system and how to respond based on the results of the diagnostics.

3 Rules of Cybersecurity Management

  • 1

    Top management must be aware of cybersecurity risks and take the lead in implementing countermeasures, while continuing to promote use of IT.

  • 2

    Security measures must of course include in-house operations, but also affiliates, supply chain business partners, and IT system administration contractors.

  • 3

    There must be proper communication with related parties, including disclosure of information related to cybersecurity risks, countermeasures, and responses, both on a regular basis and in event of an emergency.


    • Web Application Diagnostics

    • <Main Diagnostic Items>

      • Cross-site scripting
      • SQL injection
      • Command injection
      • Directory traversal
      • Authentication bypass
      • Privilege promotion


    • Network Diagnostics

    • <Main Diagnostic Items>

      • Surveys of network services including DNS, FTP, file sharing, SSH, SNMP, database servers
      • Surveys of web server vulnerabilities
      • Known vulnerabilities in various OS and NW devices
      • Checking service status and port status


Case Study

    • Information Services

      Corporate sites, service sites, HR systems, search systems, health check systems

    • Logistics

      Online retail sites, corporate sites, electronic contract systems, e-commerce sites, sales management systems, sales campaign sites

    • HR Services

      Corporate sites, corporate information sites for members, user management systems, recruitment sites

    • Power

      Corporate sites, monitoring systems

    • Publishing

      E-book sales sites, content posting sites, corporate sites, service sites

    • Education

      Research sites, study management sites, corporate sites

    • Entertainment & Sports

      Members-only sites, online retail sites, ticket reservation sites

    • Communications

      Corporate sites, service sites, communication systems