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Site Policy

Some of the pages on this website use secure socket layer technology (SSL)* to ensure the security of personal information that customers enter for this website. This will enable customers to safely use this website. If your web browser does not support or the access from your office goes through a firewall, pages may not display correctly or at all. [Note]*
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a world standard encrypted communication technology to encrypt communications between a web server and a web browser. (Due to the nature of the encryption technology, SSL does not guarantee full security.)
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This website can be viewed with browsers for computers and cellphone devices from various vendors, as well as browsers for smartphones with iPhone 5S/6/6S, iPad 2/iPad mini/iPad Retina, and Android™

Recommended OS platforms
Comouters For Windows: Windows 7 or later
For Macintosh: Mac OS 10.8 or later
Android Android 4.2 or later
iPhone iOS 8 or later
iPad iOS 8 or later

Since the upgrade versions of operating systems provided by each company add new features and enhance security, please keep your OS version up to date.

Recommended browsers
Computers Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or later
Please use the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
Android Please use the latest version of Google Mobile Chrome.
iPhone Mobile Safari
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Since the upgraded versions of browsers provided by each company add new features and enhance security, please keep your browser’s version up to date.

When pages do not display properly:
Please check your browser’s security settings because some of the pages on this website use SSL to ensure the security of customer information. Also, if your computer accesses the Internet via an internal office LAN, you may not be able to access these pages. Please check with your information systems personnel who established and operate the internal LAN.
Copyright and trademark
All statements, photographs, illustrations, videos, and software on this website are protected by copyright, patents, trademarks, and other rights possessed by PS Solutions Corporation and third parties. Unauthorized use or the reproduction of the contents on this website is strictly prohibited.
Governing Laws and Jurisdiction Court
The interpretation and application of the policy and disclaimer regarding website use are governed by Japanese law unless otherwise stipulated. Any litigation involving this website shall be adjudicated in the Tokyo District Court, Tokyo, Japan, as the first and exclusive jurisdictional court, unless otherwise stipulated in a contract.
Links to this website
Whether for-profit or non-profit purposes or on an intranet, links to this website are allowed with no prior permission required. However, please note that links corresponding to or likely to correspond to the following are not permitted. Even if a link does not correspond to the following, we may ask you to change link settings or delete links.

  • Websites that include content intended to slander or damage the reputation of PS Solutions, its group companies or employees, another company (or individual),), or another organization.
  • Websites that contain adult content.
  • Websites in violation of public policy and ethics
  • Websites that contain illegal content or content that may be illegal
  • Websites that contain illegal activities or activities that may be illegal
  • Websites that make it unclear that the displayed content is from PS Solutions or have the potential of misrepresenting to a third party through a method of displaying this Website within a frame or another method.
We will bear absolutely no responsibility for any information on the websites linked to this website. Also, please note that the URL for this website may change without notice.
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