Information Security Policy – PS Solutions Corp.

Information Security Policy


When implementing solution businesses, PS Solutions Corporation shall implement adequate security measures to ensure the secure use by customers, ensure compliance with the following basic policies on obtaining trust from society, and endeavor to continuously enhance information security.

1. Construction of an information security management system
PS Solutions endeavors to protect all information in its possession and to construct a management system that gains the trust of society by complying with information security related legal and other relevant norms.
The Company also establishes the Information Security Committee as the core of the management system to understand the progress in implementing safety management measures for all information security across the company and review the activities of the Information Security Committee to actively develop the best management system.
2. Development of the information security policy
PS Solutions develops the information security policy to manage and use the information assets it owns.
In the policy, PS Solutions includes the requirements of laws and regulations necessary to continue in business and endeavors to listen to customer demands with sincerity and then reflect those concerns in the policy. The demands include responsibility for information security as agreed in the contract with the customer. The Company also states, inside and outside company, that they will exercise strict oversight with regard to information leakage based on the Information Security Policy.
3. Development and expansion of the audit system
PS Solutions has a system of internal audits to ensure compliance with the information security policy, regulations, and rules. The Company also requests external audits by a professional organization in order to evaluate the system from the technical and objective points of view. The Company will ensure that all employees comply with the information security policy by performing all audits in a systematic manner.
4. Realization of information system focusing on risk management
PS Solutions establishes and operates an information system that will detect intentional or accidental unauthorized access, leakage, alteration, loss, destruction, and obstruction of information assets and shall take precautions as quickly as possible.
Based on a system focusing on business continuity, PS Solutions realizes secure operations in high-security areas and data-driven security configurations for access control of information systems and operations including database protection.
5. Improvement of information security literacy
PS Solutions provides information security training to board members and employees (including temporary staff and employees of outsources) on a regular basis and continues to provide education and training for all employees so that they perform their daily duties with information security literacy.
6. Enhancement of the management system in outsourcing vendors
PS Solutions thoroughly evaluates the eligibilities of outsourcing vendors before signing an outsourcing contract and strives to ensure information security.
Also, after signing the contract, the Company will check on a regular basis whether the information security level is maintained.

Created on September 1, 2011